1993 / Aurélien Bellanger
I first had knowledge of Aurélien Bellanger when reading his essay Houellebecq écrivain romantique, as I was adapting Les particules élémentaires / Atomised for the stage. We met at the time and I kept reading his novels. When Stanislas Nordey suggested I direct the Groupe 43's first professional show, I immediately told him how I wish to talk about the city of Calais - a city dear to my heart. I grew up there and am still living there half of the year. I invited Aurélien to work together. He chose the year 1993 as pivot point ; when building the Channel tunnel came to an end. Four years before, the Berlin Wall fell. In Europe, all traffic lanes were suddenly open. Technology and digital technology contributed in a large extent. Then the Cern's tunnel was built under the Alps to install a particle accelerator. The idea of peaceful modernity was born, as if " history ended ". Perpetual peace can be imagined as a space where trade may be standardized, pacified : Western Europe as the kind continent. However, we realize today that history is far from over ! Julien Gosselin,March 2017 *** TEXT Aurélien Bellanger DIRECTION Julien Gosselin WITH Quentin Barbosa, Genséric Coléno-Demeulenaere, Camille Dagen, Marianne Deshayes, Roberto Jean, Pauline Haudepin, Dea Liane Zacharie Lorent, Mathilde-Edith Mennetrier, Hélène Morelli, Thibault Pasquier, David Scattolin MUSIC Guillaume Bachelé SET DESIGN Emma Depoid and Solène Fourt COSTUMES DESIGN Salma Bordes SOUND DESIGN Hugo Hamman and Sarah Meunier LIGHTING DESIGN Quentin Maudet et Juliette Seigneur, with Nicolas Joubert VIDEO Camille Sanchez, with Pierre Martin STAGE Jori Desq STAGE MANAGEMENT AND VIDEO Valentin Dabbadie ASSISTANT DIRECTION Eddy d'Aranjo, Ferdinand Flame ASSISTANT TOUR DIRECTION Colyne Morange ADMINISTRATION, PRODUCTION & DISTRIBUTION Eugénie Tesson TOUR ORGANIZATION & COMMUNICATION Emmanuel Mourmant ADMINISTRATION Paul Lacour-Lebouvier TECHNICAL DIRECTOR Nicolas Ahssaine TECHNICAL DIRECTOR ASSISTANT Vianney Brunin PHOTO Jean-Louis Fernandez PRODUCTION Théâtre National de Strasbourg COPRODUCTION Festival de Marseille - danse et arts multiples EXECUTIVE PRODUCTION Si vous pouviez lécher mon cœur WITH THE ARTISTIC COLLABORATION OF Jeune Théâtre National Set and costumes are designed by the TNS workshops Show produced with the Groupe 43 from l'Ecole du TNS. Created on the 3rd July 2017 at the Marseille Festival Tour 2017/2018 : T2G - Théâtre de Gennevilliers / Théâtre Thalia - Hambourg / Phénix - Valenciennes / Théâtre National de Strasbourg / 17 au 21 avril 2018 / Théâtre de Liège / Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne / Fetival d'Athènes