" We spent several weeks with TNS Groupe 45 reading the first five episodes from Dekalog. In

doing so, it has become really important to me to keep discovering Dekalog with them. The

mutual desire to explore it was the starting point of the project. Dekalog would be their very first

professional show.


I’ve intendedly not seen Krzysztof Kieslowski’s films. I broached Dekalog as a literary piece and

started from the published text. What really moved me when reading it was how a commandment

used as a title could pervade everything. The gaze on characters, the points of view and the way

of thinking are constantly shifting. It both induces suspense and constant openness to the point of

unfathomable depths. What is morality? It raises the question of supreme authority, a power that

would be above all possible villainies.


Some people, poor people mostly, start fighting battles which outcome can’t be foretold. In some

way, man is deeply moving in its “insignificant nature”, when fighting against what’s greater than

him. I’ve always found it fascinating. Maybe because it reminds me of theatre and the idea of

struggling with a concept or a transcendent idea - something greater than us. It may be what

theatre is all about ever since ancient tragedy. It is alive in Dekalog with equal power, and it

echoes contemporary history. "


Julien Gosselin





FROM THE STORIES OF Krzysztof Kieslowski et Krzysztof Piesiewicz

writen by Krzysztof Kieslowski for polish tv in 1988.



Malgorzata Smorag, Beata Canes-Boussard (Éditions Balland, 1991)



Julien Gosselin


WITH Elan Ben Ali, Majda Abdelmalek, Amine Boudelaa, Clémence Boissé, Léa Luce Busato, Jisca Kalvanda, Alexandre Houy-Boucheny, Leïla Muse, Achille Reggiani, Théo Salemkour, Léa Sery, Florian Sietzen

AND Guillaume Bachelé et Maxence Vandevelde


MUSICAL CREATION Guillaume Bachelé, Maxence Vandevelde

SET DESIGN Lisetta Buccellato, Louise Digard, Marjolaine Mansot, Simon Restino

COSTUMES Marjolaine Mansot, Caroline Tavernier

PROPS Guillaume Lepert


LIGHTING DESIGNER  Louisa Mercier assistée de Zélie Champeau


VIDEO Baudouin Rencurel, Typhaine Steiner

ARTISTIC COLLABORATION Pierre Martin, Julien Feryn, Jérémie Bernaert


ASSISTANT STAGE DIRECTOR Simon-Elie Galibert, Jean Massé



STAGE MANAGER Marco Hollinger, Simon Haratyk

LIGHT MANAGER Zélie Champeau

SOUND MANAGER Félix Philippe, Samuel Chabert

VIDEO MANAGER Baudouin Rencurel, Typhaine Steiner

COSTUMES MANAGER Marjolaine Mansot


PRODUCTION Théâtre National de Strasbourg

EXECUTIVE PRODUCTION Si vous pouviez lécher mon cœur


Set construction : Théâtre National de Strasbourg's workshop