Le Père from L’homme incertain / Stéphanie Chaillou "I just wanted a happy life. My mind was set on this idea. A happy life. I used to think it would be enough. That this kind of spirit was enough. Nobody told me it was not." When I first read the text, I felt overwhelmed by the fact that someone could so easily express things I've been feeling for many years. Since Je ne vous ai jamais aimés - the video performance we put on in Brussels with Pascal Bouaziz, singer of Mendelson. He too tries to empower people who hardly ever get a chance to speak. And he does it without any cliché of language. He never witlessly goes into raptures about the idea of " popular language ". Telling failure, the complexity of life - here a farmer's life, with some infinite power and kindness. Stéphane Chaillou is a contemporary poet. It pervades his text, every chapter of which is divided in half. First, the father's word telling his almost chronological life story. Then, the children's (his children ? The child he once was ? ) randomly listing frozen moments from their childhood. Julien Gosselin, June 2015 *** LE PÈRE based on Stéphane Chaillou's novel, L'homme incertain published by Editions Alma (2015) ADAPTATION, DIRECTION Julien Gosselin WITH Laurent Sauvage ASSISTANT DIRECTION Olivier Martinaud SET DESIGN Julien Gosselin and Nicolas Joubert LIGHTING DESIGN Nicolas Joubert VIDEO DESIGN Pierre Martin SCORE Guillaume Bachelé SOUND DESIGN Julien Feryn ARRANGEMENT Joan Cambon REGIE GENERALE ET PLATEAU Valentin Dabbadie SOUND MANAGER Hugo Hamman LIGHT AND VIDEO MANAGER Nicolas Joubert or Jean Baptiste Cousin ADMINISTRATION, PRODUCTION & DISTRIBUTION Eugénie Tesson TOUR ORGANIZATION & COMMUNICATION Emmanuel Mourmant ADMINISTRATION Paul Lacour-Lebouvier TECHNICAL DIRECTOR Nicolas Ahssaine TECHNICAL DIRECTOR ASSISTANT Vianney Brunin TECHNICAL DESIGN Ateliers du Théâtre de la Cité / Toulouse PRODUCTION Si vous pouviez lécher mon cœur COPRODUCTION TNT - Théâtre National de Toulouse La Comédie de Béthune, Le théâtre d’Arles WITH THE SUPPORT OF Montevideo créations contemporaines Création au Théâtre Nationale de Toulouse le 17 novembre 2015 Season 16/17: Théâtre d'Arles / Le Phénix, Valenciennes / Comédie de Béthune Season 18/19: MC93, Bobigny / CCAM, Vandoeuvre-Les-Nancy