Tristesse Animal Noir / Anja Hilling

The life story of six standard bobos devoid of authentic drama other than having as many flaws as the rest of us. Jennifer, Miranda, Paul, Oskar, Flynn and Martin are on their way to a barbecue party in the woods. Contemporary art, sex, architecture, the new Elvis Presley and the difficulty for a model mom to retrain oneself are the matters under discussion. Self-centeredness pervades every conversation. Irony is ever-present and so is alcohol. One daydreams that this moment in the woods may be a slice of authentic real life.


At last, they eventually fall asleep.


As the forest catches on fire.


Now these people are dealing with unbelievable disaster, a major forest fire burning everything in its path - leafs, trees, animals, a woman and a baby.


TEXT Anja Hilling

DIRECTION Julien Gosselin


WITH Guillaume Bachelé, Antoine Ferron, Noémie Gantier, Alexandre Lecroc-Lecerf, Victoria Quesnel, Tiphaine Raffier



SOUND Julien Feryn

VIDEO Pierre Martin



COPRODUCTION Théâtre de Vanves

WITH THE SUPPORT OF Théâtre de Chambre 232U et animamotrix


Produced in October 2011 at the Théâtre de Vanves


Season 11/12: Théâtre de Vanves / Théâtre du Nord, Lille